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Irrigation & Backflow

Providing residential and commercial irrigation and backflow services for over 25 years!

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We Service the Chicagoland Area & all of Northwest Indiana!


Start up the system and perform dynamic and static check of all heads and relevant components. Program the Controller for optimum coverage. An estimate will be provided for any repair or additional work.

We service sprinkler systems in Northwest Indiana and the Chicagoland area.


Every system needs to be Winterized to prevent damage due to the freezing temperatures.
We remove the Backflow Device. The Controller is turned off and the water is evacuated from the main & lateral lines using compressed air.


We test, certify, & repair Backflow Devices.

A backflow device is installed to prevent drinking water from being contaminated due to backflow. We conduct backflow tests in all of Northwest Indiana. 

 Call us today to schedule your back flow testing appointment.


Replacing the components of your system with newer products for more effective coverage.
Replacing the Controller with WIFI capability to be able to control your system from anywhere with your phone. Installing a Wireless Rain Sensor to save money on your water bill.


Installing an irrigation system is an investment for your property. The system will be based on your needs. We also work with the landscaping of the property to provide complete irrigation for your lawn, flowers & shrubs.

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Residential / Commercial Irrigation & Backflow Services

We Service the Chicagoland Area & all of Northwest Indiana!

Call Us Anytime: 1-866-685-3627