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Service people are using the
“P” Handle Nipple Extractor
and they like it!

Service managers and superintendents are appreciating the savings and earnings that can pay for the tool
in one service call!

To place your order for the
“P” Handled Nipple Extractor Set
or individual pieces,
please call:

ergotool LLC

Email us at

Advantages of the “P” Handle Extractor Tool over other tools currently available:


  • The “p” shaped handle increases mechanical advantage and can be supplemented with various sized “off the shelf” extensions or by turning the tool perpendicular to utilize the “b” drive (the 3/8 drive at the end of the grip).The other tools offer no other way of gaining additional mechanical advantage.
  • The “P” Handle Tool can be used to perform other common tasks in the field, such as:
    • bleeder bolt loosening
      (add 7/16″ socket)
    • valve bonnet removal
      (add 5/16″ socket)
    • Valve box lid removal
      (by just adding appropriate socket or screwdriver bit to the “a” or “b” drives of the tool.)
    • Any other tool that recieves a 3/8′ drive can be used
    • This tool has even been used to repair trucks and tractors in the field! The other tools do not allow “crossing over” to other tasks or other trades!
    • The Extractor bits (available in half inch, three quarter and one inch sizes) are designed for a positive engagement of the nipple or funny pipe fittings and do not “bottom out” in the fitting or head, allowing for the successful removal of even the most stubborn broken PVC nipples. The other tools only offer 1/2″ and 3/4″ sizes and do not engage the nipple in a positive way.(Grey PVC nipples extract easily with the “P” Handle Extractor)